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Waiting for Czech on mobile ;)

Hello! I'd like to ask about Czech course (still in Beta, phase 2) on mobile. Do you know when it is going to be available? I hardly ever use browser Duolingo version and I'd prefer to use mobile app to practice Czech. I have Android Marshmallow and I've updated the app yesterday. Is the course going to be featured in mobile version when it will reached phase 3?

December 9, 2017



the people who know are unlikely to answer, and nobody tells us anything.

the app version of the site is not really all that suited for learning czech (or perhaps anything else). with all that tapping and matching, it would seem too much to expect the student to acquire a productive skill.


The average distribution of question types in the app seems to vary quite a lot across courses. For example, I've been doing a bit of Ukrainian lately, and the app for the reverse tree was much too easy for me because there was way too much translation into English, including a reasonable number of free response translations. But that would mean if I were actually a Ukrainian speaker, it could have been quite useful. This gave me high hopes for the Ukrainian from English app; however, it seemed to have quite a different distribution: lots of uber-simple word matching, which had been wholly absent from the reverse course.

I don't know who makes these decisions (or if it's a "who" at all), but if the web suddenly had the same amount of translation into target language as the app, I would be a very happy camper! That said, I'm not normally a Duo app user, but when I am I just don't look at the word boxes. Skyrockets the learning value :)


Funny. Adam, you had the same experience like me with the Portuguese reverse tree PT-DE.

Because of "Clubs" I often have launched my Android emulator and just wanted to do a quick exercise:

I tried the Android app and instead of having to tap quite much in L1 Portuguese (which I focus on), all the first skills of the tree forced me to tap into the German L2 target language ;)
Good for all German learners...

Funny, I thought there are too many opt-out's if a language portal/app does this and therefore to keep the users (especially on the early skills) they just let you translate into your native language?!?

I closed it immediately and I will focus on the web portal where I really have to type quite much in Portuguese for the PT-DE reverse tree, so this will be fun and good training for my current PT skills.

Forward EN-PT course:

I can not definitely say something about the more concrete ratio of tapping in Portuguese for my forward tree, but the rare exercises I did/do on Android feel like:

  • more L2 target language (Portuguese) translations??
  • more longer tapping sentences (unfortunately with pre-set stone bricks in the beginning OR for the complete (long) sentence)?!?

If the web portal would just present as many long(er) sentences as I more often experience on the Android app, maybe with the higher English->Portuguese ratio (e.g upper-intermediate/advanced level setting) - but please N O T in "timed practices" (as I have already experienced) - all would be fine ;)

Web portal multiple choice:

Have I already said I would like an option to turn off multiple-choice challenges and replace them by typing (e.g upper-intermediate/advanced level setting)?

Hmm, YES, I did before in other threads :-)

But I will repeat myself:
I want to turn OFF the multiple-choice exercises!!
Yes, this costs much more time to finish strengthen lessons: Acknowledged!!


Glad somebody else has noticed the phenomenon!


There hasn’t been any official update, but my recollection is that Romanian took about three months to get added to the mobile version.

I also prefer the convenience of the mobile set up, so I’m looking forward to it as well


> Hello! I'd like to ask about Czech course (still in Beta, phase 2) on mobile

You can do each course in the browser of your phone, when you have a rather good Wifi (or LTE/4G with an internet bundle.

Duolingo prefers the latest version of the Google Chrome browser.
Personally I prefer the Firefox browser.

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