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Where is the 'Words' tab on Japanese?

Hi, can anyone help me with that? I do have the 'Words' tab for Spanish and French... but not for Japanese.. Arigato!

December 9, 2017



Step 1. Switch to Spanish course.

Step 2. Click "Discussion".

Step 3. Duplicate tab. (So you now have two tabs on Spanish course viewing the Discussion page.)

Step 4. Current tab: Switch to Japanese. (Can close this tab once it loads.)

Step 5. Other tab: Click "Words".

Enjoy. ^^


It works. thanks. but IMO it shouldn't be this complicated


this works! (after multiple tries) Domo arigato!!


No problem. Should work every single time, as long as no mistakes are made. ^^


Kon'nichiwa Mutiaramat!

Please do not repost your discussions.

The "Error 404" message that appears after posting a discussion is a bug, and it does not mean your discussion wasn't posted.

For the answer to your question, please see your first post.

Arigato gozaimasu !


sorry I've deleted the all the previous discussions including the one with the answer! please post that again please!!


Gomen'nasai and kon'nichiwa again, Mutiaramat.

Only the original Staff-Made courses (Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, German, and French) have the words list. No one knows if this feature will soon be extended to the other courses and it is doubtful staff has any plans to do that.

I hope this answers your question!


Thank you Woof. for a brief moment though, there is a 'words' tab for Japanese (I think when I'm switching from Japanese to Spanish) and then it's gone. Sad. it said I've learnt 200+ words. would love to go through them again.


When you strengthen your skills, write down the words in a notebook, then there will be a words list for Japanese :)

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