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  5. "Naši kluci vedou!"

"Naši kluci vedou!"

Translation:Our boys are in the lead!

December 9, 2017



I try to understand and elaborate Czech as best as possible, but for this time,I can't get the English .. What does mean "being in the lead" , is it "They are leading (a team)?"


Same thing for me, might be correct but a very uncommon expression


It means being in the first position (like in a race or on a scoreboard)


How can "vedou" be used in a sentence in order to mean "go" or "manage" (as the mouse over hints suggest), or are those just errors?


You can lead (manage) a company: "vedu firmu".

Or you can manage (keep) accounting: "vedu účetnictví"


I got "our boys lead" and it makes no sense in English. As a native speaker, I can only say "our boys are leading". Leading has a temporary factor in English, it has to be specified by time.


During a race or march the team in front is said to be in the lead, if they remain there they will win. It makes perfect sense and is frequently heard during sporting commentaries..

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