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Why has Arabic suddenly appeared in my subscriptions?

Under my three subscriptions, I normally have Duolingo en ingles, Spanish desde ingles, and English desde espanol. Now in lieu of the words Spanish and English I have two identical Arabic words, so one cannot mean Spanish and the other English. In fact, I have no idea what they may say. Has Duo been hacked today?

December 9, 2017

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moi aussi. Me too

December 10, 2017


thank god I'm not the only one!


did you contact duolingo support? I had, and send them some screenshots about the isue. they still have not answer me


my duolingo disscution has lenguaje in arabic....


I have the same thing on multiple screens. I reported the bug. The Arabic words are the names of languages. Seems like an easy fix once someone gets around to it. In the interim, we can identify our language courses by the flags. Don't be so sure your Arabic words are identical. Arabic is very hard to decipher. The word endings do look identical, probably because there is some standard Arabic suffix for foreign language names, but all the words look otherwise different. You can find out which languages are referenced by doing a copy-and-paste into Google Translate. All the names I checked were for the correct languages.


See this screenshot. The word for English is transliterated "al'iinjlizia", (some dialects will pronounce the "j" like a "g" sound) while the word for Spanish is "al'asbania" (they have no "p" sound so "p" changes to "b"). They are definitely different words.


I sent some screenshots in a report. The words are the equivalent Arabic words for the languages (English, Spanish, etc). If you post a screenshot I can tell you what they mean. I believe it must be bug from the new Arabic course that is being developed.

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