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Improving tinycards

After completing a lesson I've gotten an ad for Tinycards, indicating Duolingo is trying to attract more people to use that feature. Thus I'd like to (repeat) some reasons why I - and potentially others - don't use it.

  • It's not linked to Duolingo. Unlocking a word in Duolingo doesn't unlock it in Tinycards, having to unlock words twice, especially if you've done the related lesson on Duolingo shortly ago is tedious. Both should be linked (to a degree).

  • The delay between exercises of about 3 seconds is completely unacceptable. This alone is enough to ensure that I'll never seriously use it. It makes it extremely boring, every delay is just extra time to get bored and wasted time. As a wise man (Jeremy Clarkson) once said "speeeeed!".

  • I know that most people with a decent taste for music tend to dislike "one direction", but for languages it can actually be a good thing. Thus offer an option to only receive exercises to translate to the target language. For voc only this certainly is more important compared to main Duolingo site.

  • Navigation, i.e. when you're on a deck there's no link back to the course it belongs to. Or the lack of a review / learn buttons on the course page (more clicks than necessary).

  • No option to review all "cards" from an entire course.

  • No option to "add" words to an existing course. I.e. use the Italian course voc as a basic word list to start from and to add further voc to that you've gathered from anywhere.

  • For course creation or to create a personal voc list: there's no option to bulk add words (currently there's a slow method of adding words without a quicker option).

  • There's no need to ask the same word several times when repeating golden decks - and even for non-golden decks when you translate the word correctly the first time around.

There's more to say than just these points that I've quickly written down, but this will have to suffice for now. I certainly think that Tinycards has potential but that it's still underdeveloped.

I applaud that the broadcast has it's own tinycards deck, that's how it should be! Now people should just be able to create / generate a personalized set of cards which can be accessed and reviewed in one go. I.e. a little + button "add to my Spanish voc list". When a user checks his Spanish voc lists it should consist of: the main Duolingo voc, the podcast voc, stories voc and words added by the user. With a reviewing system based on how well words are known by the user rather than grouped by skill (more targeted).

There's a fair bit more that I can add to what I've already said, "on request". Either way, "someday" I'll make a bigger post quite related to this based on something I've been working on - and hopefully will have time to finish sooner rather than later.

December 10, 2017

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I'm finding way better than DL for learning Hiragana, but in general it's less useful than some other resources.

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