Salut à tous je suis nouveau ici, donc besoin de discuter avec des gens pour ameliorer en anglais et papoter aussi avec vous

December 10, 2017

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je suis avec toi!

Hi Eric DAsiLva16! I'm new too on the site. I have a basic english and I would like to exchange with somebody too., practice my english until being able to travel alone all over the world. My dream is to go where I want: discuss with people who have a fluently english and understand what they say... So, I'm ok to exchange with you! let's meet when you want!

Of course, I'm ok to discuss with JustinBour 2000 too! I'm waiting for your decision. I hope you are interested by my proposition. See you soon!

Je peux parler avec toi Onor7cc3.

Can I talk with you in french? and maybe correct each other? I'm upper intermediate in english but my french is still a work in progress to use an euphemism. :p

quel chose veux tu savoir?

I just want to discuss in english

J'ai froid. What should I do? I won't be able to endure the winter even if I'm wrapped in wool.

Hi SmashCookie. Thank you for your answer. You're cold... so I suppose you live in France? It's winter! I'm lucky to live in Reunion island and at home, it's the summer. The sun shines, birds sing...And I have a new friend : YOU. Do you learn french or english?

Hi, Onor. Actually, I live in Mexico. I speak English already but I tend to mess it up sometimes and currently I'm learning French in English to improve both.

Et toi ? Est ce que tu apprends l'anglais ?

Hello SmashCookie . I learnt english at school...There are a couple of years! And I have a very basic level. it's the reason why I subscribed to Duolingo. I hope our discussions will help me to progress.

Waouh! Mexico.! And you already speak french. So lucky you are! I suppose you have a fluently language even you learn french in english.

Nous sommes très éloigné géographiquement. Moi je me trouve au milieu de l'Océan Indien. Tu connais?

You're cold.... Where do you live ... I live in Canada.. and yes it's CCCOOOLLLDDD

Omg >-< I don't even want to think about Canada. We are at some degrees above 0º C in Mexico City but I'm constantly shivering, sometimes my fingers are so cold it even hurts to type but it gets better during the day.

"hat's the temperature chez toi ?

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