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The Level Up Language Challenge!

Hello, everyone! I got this kind of idea from Usagiboy (Insert number that I forget). His 100 XP Per Day With a Bunny Challenge is very fun! I would suggest you enter it if you haven't already. Anyway, in this challenge, within the next week, (Sunday through Saturday) you will try to level up in X amount of languages. You can choose how many times and how many languages you would like to level up in because everyone has different amounts of dedication to Duolingo, and different amounts of time.

So, for example, I would like to reach Level 10 in Esperanto by the end of this coming week. I don't need to have a set goal for each day, but I just want to get that far. I'll work every day to reach this goal, and if I do, hurrah! I get to celebrate. This is just a little challenge that you can participate in if you're looking for motivation to keep doing Duolingo, or to level up in a language.

To join, just comment below with your goal, where you are now, and at the end of the week, you can say if you got to it or not! Good luck. :D (I'm trying to get to level 10 in Esperanto and Level 3 in Vietnamese)

Sunday: 376 XP







December 10, 2017



Ok I'll play! I love these games, they always motivate me. My goals will be level 20 Portuguese and level 10 Chinese. Starting from 19 & 6 now. Maybe I can even do 21 Portuguese, we'll see how the week goes. I'll record my total xp per day along with any levels which will probably include some xp from other languages.

星期日:Ok, only 53 xp today, but I'm just picking up speed!

星期一:320 xp, and Chinese level 7 =]

星期二:460 xp, and Chinese level 8! Picking up speed, but I can't get complacent.

星期三:55 xp haha, I won't be reaching my goals, I need to keep my studying spread evenly across the different platforms. Not good to do too much of one method! But I must get level 9 this week at least




Bonne chance à tous!

Boa sorte!


Level 10 in Chinese, at around 500 xp. Feel pretty confident I can make it happen.

Sunday: 422 xp to go!

Monday: 352

Tuesday: 220

Wednesday: 175

Thursday: 112

Friday: Done!


I'll join! My goal is to level up to level 7 in Swahili and Portuguese, and level 9 in Romanian and Swedish.

Tuesday: Level 7 in Portuguese achieved!
Wednesday: Level 7 in Swahili achieved!


I love this idea! My goal is to reach level 12 in Spanish and level 7 in Portuguese.


I reached level 12 in Spanish!


This is a great idea! My goal is to level up to level 13 in English and possibly level 4 in Czech!


I'll join! My goals are: level 19 in German, level 4 in French, level 3 in Italian and level 3 in Hebrew. That's overall 1191 XP.
Monday: 20 XP
Tuesday: 17 XP
Wednesday: 229 XP
Thursday: 45 XP
Saturday: 720 XP (French level 4 and Italian level 3 achieved!)

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