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Any news on Chatbots?

I believe Duo has chatbots for chat on iPhone platform.
French, German, Spanish languages.

Are they useful or friendly or popular? Helpful in learning languages?
Any chatbots for Android?
Any chatbots for web?
Any chatbots for other languages?

Sorry if this is an old question and I will delete it - I just could not find any info.

December 10, 2017



Duo has chatbots on iPhone and personally I find them useful (similar to 'Stories' on the website.) I hope they keep adding to it.


Chatbots (Bots) have been super helpful to me. It is essentially texting in that language! It is interactive. Chatbots for android and web - no. There are not bots for Italian as well.

But I learn best by strengthening through DL and then applying through Stories and Bots.


I don't have Chatbots since I have Android, but from what I've seen from screenshots, it looks really cool and useful! The screenshots I saw were of the bot asking the user where they should go for vacation. The conversation seemed casual and really tested their vocabulary.

I'm hoping one comes from Android and/or PC soon so we can all try it. The only issue is that it's been probably a year already since it came out for iOS, and nothing yet on other formats, so we may be waiting quite a bit.

If anyone has any screenshots of chatbot in action, can you post some please so we can all see? Thanks! :-)


Are we awaiting any new developments or news updates on chat bots....


Definitely wish they would come to Android and/or web! Hopefully soon.


They also exist for Portuguese. I have found them frustrating to use (if you try to actually answer in a complete sentence it's pretty easy to get them to just freeze or respond nonsensically) and much prefer the Stories.


I don't think they're as advanced as the stories, but they do have some new vocabulary and are kinda fun.

My (English speaking) child was doing the bots IN English, just for fun, having already done them in Spanish.

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