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show kanji reading

when I hover over kanji, it should show me reading of this kanji in kana. both On'yomi And Kun'yomi. please :)

December 10, 2017



Great suggestion! Thanks, Giorgishen!

BTW, I would like to extend this suggestion to providing kana readings in the hover hints. Often, these hints show complicated kanji with NO hint as to how they sound, and if it weren't for Google, or guessing, it would be impossible to figure out how to complete some of the exercises!

That's really frustrating, and I don't see the educational value of this approach. Maybe someone just didn't think this through! I hope this gets fixed soon!


OMG yeah I 100% agree with you! Like if they are not going to give the kanji for that example and use the kana for the word, then the kana should be there if we forgot it. It is a pain to copy and paste into a kanji to kana converter. And on my phone it is impossible to do that, and I have to just guess. Guessing is all right but it doesn't help me remember the words that way.

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