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"Je velmi špatné o komkoli tohle říkat."

Translation:It is very bad to say this about anyone.

December 10, 2017



I think that we use this/ that differently in English than Czech. Does anyone else agree tbat we are often forced to translate as "this" things that seem luke they would naturally be "that"?


In Czech you definitely can have either, but they differ in the meaning. And that is also true for English, I do not believe that only one of this/that is natural in this sentence.


I think that in English "that" sounds more natural. "This" implies that you are maybe pointing to some specific phrase.


Tohle is very explicitely THIS. Use TO, which is more common, to say THAT.


Agreed. Using "this" here in (American) English sounds foreign.


I would just add that tohle is quite consistently translated in the course as "this."


"It is very wrong to say this about anybody." Is there any reason this translation is not accepted?


It was missing and has been added. Please remember to use the Report button in the future, even if you also comment.


Could it be "Je velmi špatné říkat tohle (tohle řikat) o komkoli."


Yep, it's fine. "...tohle říkat o komkoli" is a more natural variant of the two, but both are OK. Both are obviously stressing "about anyone".

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