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"Desátý večer byl dost zvláštní."

Translation:The tenth evening was quite strange.

December 10, 2017



Why is "the tenth evening was strange enough" wrong?


"dost" in this context means "quite/very". If you wanted to express "strange enough", you would have to say "dostatečně zvláštní".


I would argue that when "enough" is placed after an adjective as in "strange enough", it is slightly more emphatic and its meaning is very close to "quite".


Thanks for asking and answering! I had the exact same question.


I had the same question, because I would expect docela for quite. What's the subtle rozdíl?


I am not in a position to address your "subtle rozdíl" question at this point, because I am a learner, too. But I can tell you that docela is accepted in the reverse exercise. The Czech sentence is the starting point for all exercises, and the author chose to use dost.


Docela and dost are pretty much the same in this context.


Zvlastni can also mean special, doesn't it?


It can, in some context, but not where "special" is supposed to sound positive. I certainly wouldn't use it here to mean "special". If I wanted to say "The evening was special", I would use words like "výjimečný" (exceptional), "neobyčejný" (unusual), or "mimořádný" (extraordinary). Even the loanword "speciální" does not work here to mean "special".

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