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Learning English in English

Hi, I have some friends who would like to practice their English using Duolingo, but their native language, Urdu, is not listed. Is there a way they could access English as a native language to learn English?

December 10, 2017



Duolingo works on a translation model. Showing a sentence in English and asking them to translate into English won't work. Thomas.Heiss and MintIceCream9 had great suggestions. But English <-> English in Duolingo isn't an option :(


If they speak a different language, or vaguely understand it, they can put that they speak that language instead and find English. Hope this helped!
MintIceCream9 x


Best guess here presumably Hindi? It and Urdu should be close enough to make this endeavor feasible if they're familiar with the script.


He could check-out Memrise, Mondly, uTalk.


It's not as good as Duolingo but this may help them: https://www.50languages.com/phrasebook/ur/en/

(They have the option to choose British English or American English as well :D)


They might try one of the many courses for English speakers, if they are interested in learning English while practising another language.


I learnt English in English (being from Australia), maybe this is the hard way to teach for someone has got a complex vocabulary in a different language, but I imagine that fluency would improve with constant thinking/operation in the one language.

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