Is duolingo broken ?

None of my scores for today appear on my home page :-(((((

June 30, 2012


Duolingo has a technical problem today :(

June 30, 2012

We're working on fixing this problem. If you refresh the page, it should be working again.

June 30, 2012

I lost 2 hours of scores today, because the web page said it was broken, very annoyed, I thought at least that past progress would save??, it also kept on freezing, is anyone else have these problems? (I use chrome)

January 7, 2013

Can you elaborate more on what happened?

January 7, 2013

I lost connection to the page, and some lessons that I had done were showing not done, my progress bar for the day was empty. Now I login the next day and everything is normal again. Very strange.

January 8, 2013


May 30, 2017

Duolingo on web won't give a new question when clicking 'check' button. The progress bar slowly advances to the end with each addition click on 'check' and then won't progress to next level.

Also the android app is frequently getting itself into a 'not registering progress on completion of a level' state. This has been an issue since the app changed to the 'crown' format.

Very frustrating and typical, as the older format worked fine.

April 29, 2018
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