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We *seriously* need the bell notification back for reponses to posts!!!

This is ludicrous! If I post a question I have no way of knowing if someone has responded. I know what you will say - follow the discussion. That's fine if I have asked the question but what of the posts I respond to? This site is so broken at the moment it is almost inoperable. PLEASE fix this problem - it is major! It almost eclipses the eradication of activity. ... Almost ..

December 10, 2017



This site is so broken at the moment it is almost inoperable.

This is 100% true; the way Duolingo has been handling things recently is simply outraging. Apparently, adding flairs and rings for plus subscribers is much more important than fixing things are actually important, like the broken notification bell.


They say they're working on it. It's been 2 months...


Working on it, perhaps - but geegaws for plus subscribers are more important than something that's actually useful.


2 months and a new avatar badge has been added for Plus members that nobody asked for.

  • It almost eclipses the eradication of activity. ... Almost ..*

The two go hand-in-hand, don't they. The combination eradicates communication. It also means that other people won't know if someone has been shadowbanned and therefore they can't protest if there has been a mistake/malicious abuse of power(and the target only knows if they log out to check).


Yes, please, oh my gosh! As much as I love duolingo, I think their priorities are mixed up. They updated the mods' rings, which are only a little different, and added this new ring for Plus subscribers, which looks like an ad, yet they still haven't fixed the bell, and only a few of the forum bugs. And the forum bugs they did fix were the least annoying, smallest ones.


The forum system on Duo is very frustrating. It would make more sense if the different sections were set up like a traditional forum, and you could click through them and see how many replies there are/the pages, etc. The bell wouldn't even be necessary then, because at least you wouldn't lose a forum and never be able to find it again. At the very least we should be able to see our recent posts on our profiles, because the Twitter-esque timestream delivery of posts means most replies get lost forever. I don't want to have to follow every forum I'm vaguely interested in for later on.


I agree! I have to follow every post I reply to and check every once in a while to see if someone replied. Makes me sad. :-(


I agree. I can live with not being notified about general discussions, but when I'm actually asking a course contributor a question and it's not being answered, it's a problem.


Disclaimer: This is my (personal) use and I perfectly understand that the bell notification was perfectly fitting the needs of others (maybe even the majority), therefore that it's a priority for many that it's fixed.

Personally, I don't find fixing it being a priority. I'd prefer staff fixing first other issues/broken things (including some in the incubator, which includes some reported for several years...).
I didn't notice the disappearing of the bell notification before someone mentioned it because it was very long I stopped using it. Why?
Because it gave only the last 5 notifications. This if far far too few(°) to keep me informed about each answer to my own posts. So I had moved long ago to mail notification and get used to not give any attention to this little bell.

(°) without even talking about the fact it's not giving the 5 last answers to your posts by 5 last notifications including other types of notifications, making you miss even more often notifications about an answer.

If it was planned to make it back with:

  • no limitation in number (just a list that you can scroll down (almost) endlessly
  • a way to select the notifications it gives you

then I'd be in favour of Duolingo spending time on pushing it back, otherwise I'm not in favour of it being fixed before many other things.

P.S.: Again, this is my (personal) use and I perfectly understand that the bell notification was perfectly fitting the needs of others (maybe even the majority), therefore that it's a priority for many that it's fixed.


Hi jrikhal,

I understand perfectly that you prefer the email notifacation. If I was a mod I would, too ! For me as an ordinary user the bell was a good way to avoid it ^^.

Your suggestions for the bell are awesome! Great ideas. I would like that.

I don't think the bell or the other glitches are such a problem but the communication. An information every now and then or an explanation from the stuff would make a big difference. I know it is not in your hand. You and the other mods have to carry the can for that lack of information. So no offence! I feel confident that nobody here attacks your (and other mods) work, you doing great and I appreciate that you are showing up here. Thanks for that.

Best regards Angel



'Use the email notifacation' is a nice advice but I receive a lot of emails a day and I'm not interested in getting a lot more so I don't use it. Yes, I know it's my problem.

I used to follow the discussions looking on the counter for answerings and looked for the bell. So I knew if there were answers in the discussions or answers to me. I was fine with that. I was.

Since the counter and the bell don't work anymore. And I have to admit sometimes I'm tired of scrolling through the discussion (some I learn involuntarily by heart) to find answers. But I try to do it in respect for the other members.

We are talking here about bugs triggered by the maintenance two month ago not about a function that never was in the forum.

Duolingo trys to gather paying members and I'm fine with it, really. Duo integrated new rings and what ever and I'm fine with it. And I'm sure Duo also hopes to convince users who use this language programm to subscribe the pay version and I'm also pretty sure here are a lot of members considering that.

The decision to ignore the bugs and put the focus on other things is in my opinion not a good way to tie longtime costumers. And as long as the members here get the feeling their needs and wishes are ignored they won't recommend a subscribing to Duo plus either. Right or wrong is another story but imho this way we altogether loose. Less money for Duo, less recourses, less consumer satisfaction.

Can I do something about it? I don't think so. So is my post useless? Quite possible. Do I feel better now? Yes. So don't bother to ignore this post :-)

Best regards Angel


Is this a real glitch? Or did Duolingo decide to remove it then say we will work on it and do nothing for months? It wouldn't surprise me if that was what happened.


That's fine if I have asked the question but what of the posts I respond to?

Follow the discussion too.
I mean, since you're ok with the fact to have to follow discussions(°), then simply follow those where you have responded.

(°) what suggests the part

I know what you will say - follow the discussion. That's fine

of your comment.


This is ludicrous. I might want to be able to see answers to my messages without getting notifications for every other question or comment left in the thread. For example, to see 1 comment that is relevant to me in the thread I would need to read 95 emails. Is that your suggestion? If you happen to be one of the first to ask a question in the Spanish subjunctive thread you need to get 400 emails, as do other 300 people who commented? Is that an efficient use of users' time and Duolingo resources?

This is 'simple' only in respect that the Duo team doesn't have to admit a problem or do anything about it.


I agree with you completely. When those notifications disappeared the first thing I did was activate the e-mail notifications, but I regretted it just after a day, as my inbox was flooded with e-mails that I wasn't even interested in. It's very frustrating.


As far as I can tell also, the conversation is also halted, because other people find it harder to know if you have responded to them.


Given that those conversations have only racked up those totals over the course of years, there would be ample opportunities to unsubscribe from that specific discussion.


As I said in my message (answering to the OP) "since you're ok with the fact to have to follow discussions".

If you it's not okay with you then my suggestion isn't supposed to apply to you.

This is 'simple' only in respect that the Duo team doesn't have to admit a problem or do anything about it.

No, my "simply" relies on the fact that the OP is OK with following discussions, hence receiving emails for any answer in the discussion.

For example, to see 1 comment that is relevant to me in the thread I would need to read 95 emails. Is that your suggestion?

Yes, for those who are OK with following discussions (as the OP), that's my suggestion and what I'm doing for years and it's not a problem for me.
But again, if it doesn't fit you then my answer to the OP has never been meant to be an suggestion for you.

If you happen to be one of the first to ask a question in the Spanish subjunctive thread you need to get 400 emails, as do other 300 people who commented?

There are maybe among those some questions you can answer yourself. Can be a good occasion to help others. While, when only receiving notification for answers to our own comment, we're less likely to see others' question that we are able to answer.


Well, no, following is not fine actually. I post few threads but answer many, many queries. I have just been "following" as it is the only option available at the moment. I do not want email notifications!

Just fix the thing!


Just fix the thing!

Not sure to whom it's addressed...
Only staff (=Duo employees) could fix that.


Well they tend to ignore such requests it seems. It has been many months since this stopped working and they "do" know about it.


They probably (my guess) consider that many other things are more urgent to fix and/or implement.

Good or bad consideration (in our opinion), it's (unfortunately for us) their choice.
Nothing we can do about it except reporting the bug (and if done, encouraging others to do so) via the bug report form and hoping there will be enough reports done (via this form) so that they finally consider it a priority.


At least one other global moderator seems to be convinced that more than one person submitting a bug report is useless and just creates more work for the Duolingo team to sort though. I have a whole lot of trouble finding that plausible. It seems they would only ever prioritize a bug if it is reported multiple times by different people. Happy to have your take on the matter.


Isn't it curious how this isn't on the popular front page?


Strange that you don't have it there. This means we don't all see the same on the Popular page: I didn't know there were (probably) an A/B test running on them (well, that's the first explanation to the discrepancy that comes to my mind).
I have it there:

  • on first position among non-sticky discussions
  • on 7th position among all discussions (on "Duolingo (in English)" forum), hence on the first/front page (no scrolling needed).


For me it's literally one of only two non-stickied posts I can see under the Popular tab without scrolling way down and then just waiting.


For me too, I was just sharing that for me, contrarily to what happens to Luscinda, this current discussion does appear as being (currently) one of those two non-sticky discussions that are on the front popular page (of the "Duolingo (in English)" forum.


The post is nowhere to be found on the front page of my discussion lists (except, of course, in my followed folder).


Neither for me, today.


here the same! I can only find this post in my followed folder. Strange! 75 upvotes and 11 Lingots. The first discussion under the 'sticky' discussions has 21 upvotes. Really interesting -.-

Best regards Angel


Seems rather deliberate does it not? So much for popular opinion. Did anyone ask for the PLUS flair? I don't recall one request for that.


Strange! 75 upvotes and 11 Lingots. The first discussion under the 'sticky' discussions has 21 upvotes

... and this other discussion has 2526 votes and 601 lingots, but isn't in the "Popular" tab neither (but, of course in the "Top All Time" tab).

This is because the Popular tab takes also (and probably with a large weight) into account the date of creation of the discussion.
The algorithm may also take into account the number of comments and/or the number of recent comments. Also, I'm not sure it takes the lingots (it's possible but I'm not sure).

So, the "date of creation" is the main factor for this discussions disappearing from the Popular tab. While, if the number of (recent) comments enters the equation, then it'll push back (a little) towards keeping it a little longer there.


Seems rather deliberate does it not?

Not to me. I can see several other potential reasons before that:

  1. The weights attributed to each factor to determine the "Popularity" (which is more a "Trendy" tab, in fact the (strict) "Popularity" tab being the "Top All Time" tab) of a discussion is in large part onto the "date of publication being recent".
    I guess the algorithm is likely something like the weight of a given vote is divided by its age, the same for a each comments (if the number of comment is taken into account). So that comments and votes that have been made more than 1-2weeks almost don't count into the determination of "(current) Popularity".
  2. A bug. Go to others of the 124 other forums and you'll see that many of them have far les than 10 discussions on the front page (of the Popular tab) or even don't have anything except the Sticky ones.
    Few things that could point out into a bug making the "Trendy/Popular" tab not displaying correctly the discussions (without it being a deliberate attack against this current one):
    • the "Duolingo (in Japanese)" which has currently only 2 stickies + 3 discussions on the front page and the 3 discussions have less than 3 votes while another one with few days before has 8 votes,
    • almost any of the "small" course's forum the front page of their Popular tab will also display almost nothing.
    • the fact that there doesn't seem to be any coherence from one forum to another about what is is threshold to appear on the front page: some have 2-3 discussions there (despite having various discussions made in the past 2-3 days and with some votes) while others have 10 discussions that are several months old and not a lot of votes being all displayed. Why the first ones doesn't fill up to 10 discussions, displaying either "recent discussions" there or at least old ones like for the other forum? Likely a bug!
    • the fact that we didn't all see the same thing yesterday.
    • the fact that regularly we cannot load more than the front page (until coming back later, refreshing, and it works back).

Finally, personal opinion, I don't think they lose any time in that. And if they are/were spending time into removing some posts from the top of this list, I think they would do it more subtle. For example by (scriptly) slowing downvoting the discussion so that it disappear.

So much for popular opinion

Duo's wording is terrible as it's not really what the tab is: it's a "Trendy discussion" tab, more than a "Popular" (which one is the "Top All Time" tab).

Did anyone ask for the PLUS flair? I don't recall one request for that.

Could be said of other features, to be fair, like Podcast. ;)

[deactivated user]
    1. Go to settings
    2. Go to the notifications tab
    3. There is a checkbox that says: Send me an email when... someone responds to a discussion I am following.
    4. Check that box
    5. Click save changes


    That's not a solution, because you will receive huge more notifications than in the Notification bell.
    I am more interested in replies to my reply in a discussion. Those were only available in the Notification bell.


    That's true, and I agree with you completely.
    It's also outraging that they're trying to "show their love" for plus subscribers, when the Duolingo staff is actually just invading their privacy, and wasting their time on useless projects.

    Have a lingot.


    That's not the same thing. I would prefer it when someone replies to my comment as opposed to in a discussion I am following. If I were to check the box, my inbox would have thousands of unread emails.


    Yes!! I have noticed that too!!!!


    I hope this comes back. I already wondered why no one replies until I noticed, that I just dont get a notification.


    I have had to resort to following discussion threads. It tends to fill up the email but at least, by using gmail, I have them diverted to a tab I created called "Forums" so they don't clog up my Inbox.


    I agree on both levels. However, I'm optimistic that administrators have a much better plan and we are now just kind of struggling thru the construction phase. I'm hoping it is "shocking" how cool it will be. Enjoy a Christmas Lingot.

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