"They like you."

Translation:Mají rádi tebe.

December 10, 2017

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My answer to this Write This in Czech exercise was "Tě mají rádi." The correct answer given was "Tebe mají rádi." Having reviewed the Tips and Notes, I 'm thinking my answer was wrong because "tě" wasn't in the second position. Since I got his one wrong, I'll see it again and will test my theory.

UPDATE AHA... got it right this time! Now, as long as I can remember it...


And look at you now two years later, you're a Mod! :D


Isn't maji tebe rady an acceptable answer too?


No, use the short forms in the second position.


So is "Maji tě rady" correct?


"Mají tě rády." is correct.


As I understand, since the subject is not specified here, both: "rády" and "rádi" forms are correct here, aren't they?


What is the difference between tě and tebe? Which one is the dative pronoun and which one is the accusative pronoun?


Both are accusative. I suggest to read the Tips and notes and these discussions. Tě is short clitic, tebe is a long non-clitic. Datives are ti and tobě.

If you do not know what clitic means, read the Tips and notes.


Ano! ' Mají tě rádi' je krásně a správně česky


I don't understand the problem with "Oni tebe mají rádi". The instructions seem to permit tebe even when there is no preposition, although putting it in the second position lends it a bit of emphasis.


If you give emphasis to a word, don't put it ín the second position, that position tends to be for un-stressed words.


I don't understand why we can't use tě? Actually, what's the difference with tebe? Is it like Cię and Ciebie in Polish?

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