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  5. "不要带太多行李。"


Translation:Don't bring too much luggage.

December 10, 2017



This should also accept "Don't take too much luggage". 带 means both "bring" and "take" and this sentence could be told to someone you'll travel with, someone who will be travelling from elsewhere to come visit you, or to somebody who will be leaving you to travel without you. In the last case it would be "take". In the second case some people might say "take". Otherwise it would be "bring".


Would 别 be a better/more colloquial alternative to 不要?


That is also acceptable; both of the following sentences are fine then:

  • 不要帶太多行李 (casual)
  • 別帶太多行李 (with 別)


I always thought 别 was less colloquial, more formal and more assertive/forceful. I guess you wouldn't want to force your friend to not bring more luggage?


带 means either "bring" or "take." "Don't take too much luggage" is correct, but not accepted. Please fix.


Is 李 supposed to be pronounced with a 4th tone here or is that wrong?


It should be a third tone, or the tone may be dropped (toneless). Currently (4/16/2020) the male voice recording says it with a third tone, but "rising" part at the end of the third tone is very slight and fast.

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