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How to learn more and more...? Following this Channel is great

Hello together! Very often come questions from us users, how to learn more and better and what else can we use on other possibilities . That does affect me too of course . Three trees are golden ( before Christmas ) and have the Maximum Level 25- and now ? How strengten ? There are lots of users giving good advices and helpful links to use! Thanks to all! Therefore I made the inverse tree instead of deutsch/ englisch now: english / German- a good experience, more and different words. Do not forget this way, writing in the different languages by using this discussion-Channel, reading, understanding and writing is going better and better. What's your meaning?

December 10, 2017



You write like someone who is German, and translates all thoughts directly to English.

"Hello together" I have heard "Hallo zusammen", but never hello together.

"What's your meaning?" You mean: What's your opinion? (Was ist deine Meinung? ) Meinung does not mean meaning, it means opinion.


Hi, i agree, what you're writing and you're right, correcting my message- may be you are english, thanks. Therefore i am learning languages, but it lengthens... I hope, you can find out my intention to write the comment up there? First, the content of my writing was important for me, beeing happy (!!!) to have finished there trees up to 25- and at all, my own experiences with duolingo and this discussion- channel! These good experiences, for example learning languages and discuss with other users, means : reading and trying to understand the comments und the discussion-stream- and at least the advices and helpful links in many comments- helping us learnig more and better- there are always some people who give critical comments to duolingo- by the way nobody is perfect ! I wanted to say "thank you) to Duo - and many helpful users in this channel and I want to ask for their own experiences by learnig and using this channel- with my own few words- as well as possible- sorry. I think, learnig by doing can't be wrong - for me ?! And my question is still open: what is your opinion, your own experiences - following this channel is helpful and great ? Thanks!


Hello speakGerman2me- thanks, but i don't understand, what you mean with 'tinycards' by this theme, I wanted to offer up there- i myself know tinycards but they are not helpful -for me- it's my experiences, sorry- maybe other Users are using them generally. but you are using this discussion - usuell for something else .? The theme " tinycards" is is also on another Position on the channel... Thanks and bye !

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