Where is apporte?

I can't find apporte in any lesson or strengthen. It is in my word list under verb present 1.Never saw it.

December 10, 2017


it comes form here "Elle apporte du lait. "

i would look in the food section

I found it when i put the word ''apporte'' in the search section of the forum

December 10, 2017

apporte - Verbs: Present 1. Lesson 3:

apporter - Infinitive. Lesson 4:

It also appears in other lessons, but the two above are its main locations. No guarantee that it will show up in your lessons or strengthen sessions.

December 10, 2017

some woeds just never show up, it just sometimes happens but as long as you know it's meaning i don't think it's a problem

December 10, 2017
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