Translation:They play nice music there.

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How do you know if the er translates? Between 'they play nice music' and 'they place nice music there'? In the er lessons sometimes the er didnt translate across in these types of sentences

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You need to check if "er" could have any other function. See here: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25000664

In this case, there is no indefinite subject, no number, no passive construction, etc.

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I read the link but I'm still confused. The last question before this one was "Wie heeft er een vraag?" and it accepted "Who has a question?" yet "They play nice music." isn't accepted for "Ze spelen er mooie muziek." I'm trying to understand how "er" is locative in one and not in the other?

9 months ago


The explanation is right there:

In questions where the subject is "who" or “what”, it is also common to include er, although usually it is not strictly necessary. In this case, it cannot be translated in English.

Wie slaapt er in mijn bed? - Who is sleeping in my bed? Less natural: Wie slaapt in mijn bed?

End of the very first use of "er" in that link.

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Is 'er' optional here?

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  • Ze spelen er mooie muziek - They play nice music there.
  • Ze spelen mooie muziek - They play nice music.
10 months ago

  1. Here also involved is the exercise of "hij neemt er veel foto's" (sorry i can't now exactly locate it/the lesson to post the following but still i'd very much like to discuss a bit) as well as the "er" comment/lesson page linked above (https://www.duolingo.com/comment/25000664): I just wonder if by any chance "hij neemt er veel foto's" could be rephrased as "er neemt hij veel foto's" (tho of course "there takes he many photos" would be very awkward) or/ and thus translated as "he takes/is taking many photos": if yes, then why "there" is indispensable in the English translation; if not, why? - it's the same way as "er slaapt iemand in mijn bed (Somebody is sleeping in my bed)" - i simply don't see we need "there" (in the English translation) merely to reveal the (mere) fact of "he's taking many photos" - after all, you don't say "someone sleeps/is sleeping THERE in my bed" or thus translates for "er slaapt iemand in mijn bed" (for which "iemand slaapt er in mijn bed" works as a viable/acceptable paraphrase, i guess?) - all in all, i suppose "er" is in the Dutch sentence only because "hij neemt veel foto's" is awkward/less natural the same way as is "iemand slaapt in mijn bed".

  2. I think "In my bed sleeps someone/There sleeps someone in my bed" can be acceptable English (tho less common or a bit archaic/awkward).

  3. "who is sleeping there in my bed?" does not cause/add to emphasis on "who" or "there" itself, as corresponding to the Dutch sentence; on the contrary, i see it serves exactly a confirmation (question) of "is it that someone is sleeping in my bed?" instead of a sort of distinct questioning about "WHO is sleeping in my bed?" - unless you are going to tell me such questioning is exactly what the Dutch sentence about, i.e. "er" is for the emphasis on "wie", but then it'd contradicts the 1st tip/appear self-contradictory. However, the fact that "there" exists in "who is sleeping there in my bed" without causing emphasis does not entail "there" in the "photos" (or any other) sentence - i mean to say "there" is dispensable across these sentences and it's merely a matter of (personal) habit in (English) language using.

Thanks for any insights.

4 months ago


Again l need to question why "daar" is used in this sentence instead of "er". Doesn't the sentence point out that beautiful music is played at that particular location :'daar'?

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Ze spelen "er" mooie muziek - They play nice music "there".

Why is this not good :They play "there" nice music.

5 months ago
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