French Slang

I am only 58% percent fluent in French (according to Duolingo) but I would like to know a bit of French slang or idioms that are appropriate for use when talking to people from France, not other French-speaking countries like Quebec.

Please comment down below any slang or idioms you know with their meanings and (if you know, what kind of person are you supposed to say this to [friend, boss, boyfriend,etc.]).

Merci beaucoup in advance!

December 10, 2017


well here's some:
t'es=tu es
t'as=tu as
chui=je suis
y'a=il y a
meuf=girl, woman
bosser=to work
bordel=mess (it is also used as an interjection like wtf)
flic, keuf=police
casser les couilles=to piss off
osef=on s'en fout (we don't give a f), it can also be on s'en branle/balec/tape etc.
tg=ta gueule (shut up)

December 11, 2017

Is " s'en fout " slang?

And also some:

Pote = Mate Perso = People Gars = Guys

December 13, 2017

Sometimes in informal French, as I've seen in some videos and such, they get rid of the "ne" in negative sentences... Je n'aime pas might become J'aime pas

December 11, 2017

Um, what about simple stuff like @+ (a plus) ?

December 10, 2017


The slang langage in France is different that the slang langage in Quebec

In France " la foufoune " sex of the woman, funny polite

In Quebec "les foufounes " the buttocks for the children language

"Il pleut des cordes" it rains dogs and cats

In french we have plural slang languages, to the North, in Paris, in the Provence, to the East

December 10, 2017

I have been playing the game Animal Camp and I changed my language settings to french. Everytime I play I am exposed to a new idiom or expression. I write them down and look them up later. You can even choose european or quebec slang in the language settings. Also, if you have ever seen the movie Amelie. It is a really cute French movie and there is a great scene where the characters trade idioms. The podcast coffee break french is also really great. There is also a free app called 7jours sur la planéte which gives a short news clip every week and expressions and vocab review. I find it a nice compliment/step up from duolingo.

December 10, 2017

I found a clip on youtube of the short scene in Amelie

December 10, 2017

One of the common patterns in french slang is verlan. It's basically the french version of pig latin and you'll see it in a lot of pop culture. Here are a couple of articles on it:

December 10, 2017

un vieux mecton plein aux as sur le point de calencher fit radiner ses lardons leur jacta en loucedé (argot...littéraire) traduction approximative: un riche laboureur sentant sa mort prochaine fit venir ses enfants leur parla sans témoins.(cf.La Fontaine) Bye for now

March 9, 2018
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