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"I was bringing water, they were drinking it!"

Translation:Eu aduceam apă, ei o beau!

December 10, 2017



The accent is part english,part french BUT not romanian,that's for sure


I wrote 'Eu aduceam apa,ei au bauto' and i got it incorrect.However their answer means 'I was bringing the water, they are drinking it' shouldnt m6 answer be accepted?


No, because the lesson is trying to teach the imperfect tense (past action with indefinite time frame), which, in the case of a bea, is beau.

au băut (-o, drank IT) is past perfect (past action with definite closure), and falls outside the scope of the exercise.

Side-note, a bea present / imperfect forms:

Present: (eu) beau, (tu) bei, (el/ea) bea, (noi) bem, (voi) beți, (ei/ele) beau

Imperfect: (eu) beam, (tu) beai, (el/ea) bea, (noi) beam, (voi) beați, (ei/ele) beau


'Cause the correct variant is "băut-o"


Beau pronuntiation is wrong

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