"Die Katze liegt auf dem Teppich."

Translation:The cat lies on the carpet.

December 10, 2017



the cat lies on the rug!!

December 10, 2017


A "rug" is more a Vorleger, I would say.

December 11, 2017


I respectfully disagree. According to Britannica's website "Both in Great Britain and in the United States the word rug is often used for a partial floor covering as distinguished from carpet, which frequently is tacked down to the floor and usually covers it wall-to-wall." Living in Austria, If you shop on ikea's website or hm's website, there is a section for Teppiche which are small, partial floor coverings (rugs) and not wall to wall (carpets). Rug should be accepted.

June 14, 2018


The cat lays on the carpet - marked wrong, though maybe it isn't technically proper English?

December 14, 2018


Right - it's not considered proper English on this course. We ask students to distinguish between "lie" (without an object) and "lay" (with an object).

You can lay the cat on the carpet, and afterwards, the cat just lies there.

December 15, 2018


Come on Duo! I'm pretty good at English and most people (Americans at least) would say, "The cat is laying on the carpet" and not "The cat lies on the carpet".

January 11, 2019


All Americans would say "The cat is laying on the carpet"

March 2, 2019

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Fortunately not all americans would say so, because it's wrong. "lay" (German "legen") is a transitive word, so it needs an object, e.g. "hens lay eggs". Describing the simple state opposed to "to sit" and "to stand" is "to lie" (German "liegen"). There are many people who constantly confuse the two, but that doesn't make it correct.

April 6, 2019


I agree completely. Truth told though; I don't notice if people get it wrong. Ironically, I just know what they mean, since cats can't really lay anything, etc. When it comes to 'laying eggs' as a good example, I don't think I've ever heard anyone say 'lying eggs', lol. I think, other than the 'word police', not many really pay all that much attention one way or another when speaking informally. On the other hand, I don't think people would say "Lie that down." and flip the word meanings under conditions where one is 'laying' things. One kind of hopes if it is discussed enough, people will finally get it! I did do it wrong with Duo though... I'm not really sure if I was just testing, or just writing sloppily. :-)

April 6, 2019


When a cat lays on the carpet, it is putting down fur, furballs and other less tasteful things! I agree that most, if not all Americans would say that; but, it's interchangeable with 'lies' and it's still taught the right way in school, and would be seen as an error by any good editor. You don't know how much I dislike agreeing with Duo on this; I eventually want to finish the section. And so lies it is. We don't grumble when someone makes these error of lay vs lie because most of us get it wrong. (sigh)

April 2, 2019


I would not use "lays" without a direct object - it's a transitive verb.

April 13, 2019
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