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Youtube channel recommendations for learning Polish?

I would like to know if anyone has any channel recommendations that I can use to learn Polish. It's the slavic language I've been studying the longest, and is still the one that gives me the most trouble. I basically need a Polish version of R for Russian. Can anyone help?

December 10, 2017



Real Polish is an excellent youtube channel. He also has a website that is worth checking out , as there is plenty of audio material (Short stories for example) to listen to.

There is also a series called Easy Languages and they happen to have Polish material. They basically interview random people on the street. It is a really good resource, especially if you already know the language a bit.

Uczmy Się Polskiego is not a youtube channel, but a series of videos designed for learning Polish (a bit like Destinos for Spanish, I think). It may be old, but it could be worth checking out.

I hope this helps.


I've already heard of and use Easy Languages, I do agree that it is a really good source for learning languages. Thanks for the other links, I'll be sure to try them out.


Thanks I'll try it.


On yt: Michal Sikorski (psychology), Globstory (travelling), Kocham Gotować (cooking), Arlena Witt (about english language but in polish), emce (science), Mówiac Inaczej (about polish language). I think they speak very clearly. I also recommand chanels in english f.e. Kult America. This one is about Poland, Polish culture, cousine etc. and Jet Crew but you can learn a lot of polish swear words there so better be prepared. I wish you good luck in learning polish! I keep my fingers crossed :)


If you want to practice Polish vocabulary you can check my channel. I have a series called "the word of the day". I upload one video per day with a new word and five example sentences. Soon I will make more content - some videos about grammar and VLOG in Polish for more advances students :) https://www.youtube.com/courseofpolish

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