"I am in the white house!"

Translation:Ich bin im weißen Haus!

March 16, 2013

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Can somebody help me: why weissen correct and weisses is wrong here. Thanks in advance !


I made this mistake myself today and then realized why. We both overlooked that the form "im" is actually a combination of "in" (in) and "the" (dem). (The form "im" is always in dative case.) So with there actually being a definite article, the adjective "weiß" is then a weak dative form, so in this case, "weißen." Live and learn!


Makes sense. Thank you.


Does the fact that it is weak explain why it is weißen instead of weißem? I thought the ending of the adjective had to match the ending of the article.


I can understand why it's "im". But why is it weißen?? i think it should be "weißem". But i know there is not word like "weißem". However, still I can't understand why it is weißen.


The preposition "in" requires either Akkusativ or Dativ. Here we don't have movement so it is Dativ. The adjective with neuter nouns in Dative finishes on -n when there is a definite article (in dem weißen Haus). Where there is no definite article the adjective ends on -m (weißem Haus).


So 'weiß' here underwent declension due to 'im' (in dem)?


Remember: Changin’ gets -en (plural and case changes) den alten Mann (accusative), der schönen Frau (dative), die Kleinen Kinder (plural)


Why it cannot be "Ich bin im Weißhaus"?


"the white house" versus "the White House"

How do you translate them into German?

the white house == das weiße Haus

the White House == das Weiße Haus ?

White House == Weißes Haus ?

How about "the red room"? das rote Zimmer ?

"Röde rummet" , the Swedish title of Stringberg´s book

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