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how would you get a popular discussion?

I've been told that if you get 5 up votes or more on ur discussion it becomes a popular discussion. but there is a discussion that is -81 and counting and is a popular discussion. I've also been told that if you get -5 downvotes or more your discussion cannot be reached thru the forums, but by searching it. all of this is super confusing

anybody know how this works?

if you know comment below and up vote this discussion

P.S please do NOT down vote this discussion if u do NOT know the answer

December 10, 2017



The reason the -81+ discussion was in the popular section was because it was stickied, which means it's stuck near the top of the popular page. It's weird how the Popular section works, I once had a 50+ discussion that wasn't there, but I also once had a 4+ discussion there.


I think it also depends on a mix of votes, number of comments, and recency.


The 50+ discussion got 26 comments, the 4+ one got an estimated 11 comments (I deleted it.)


Hi Woof,

I gave in to understand the system. A German saying is 'ich muss nicht alles verstehen, ich muss nur damit klarkommen' I don't have to understand everything I just have to come to terms with it. The good thing is this weird system keeps it thrilling. You never know what happens to a post.

Best regards Angel


If it has -81 votes and is still there, then it's a post posted by the staff of Duolingo and it should say Sticky or something like that. or else if it has -5 votes or less then i would say it's a glitch with the program.

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