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Arabic words appearing in non-Arabic courses

My Duolingo languages are English, Spanish, and French. Suddenly, Duolingo is speaking to me in a mixture of Spanish and Arabic. (At least I think it's Arabic.) For example, my English-from-Spanish home page is titled:

Unidades de الإنجليزية

My French-from-Spanish home page is titled:

Unidades de الفرنسية

Arabic words are showing up elsewhere, apparently always as the names of languages, and only in my two "from Spanish" courses.

My browser is set for English, and I'm not subscribed to any Arabic-related courses, so I'm not sure why this is happening. I don't entirely object, since it's giving me the opportunity to learn a tiny bit of Arabic, but I would love to understand what is going on! Can anyone explain?

December 10, 2017



Yep it's happening the same to me, problably it's a temporary bug, I guess.

Anyway it doesn't seem to have any side effects so I wouldn't be worried; let's hope that this means that the arabic course is coming soon :D


Good to know it isn't just me! I'm using a shared computer, and had been wondering whether there were hidden settings that had been changed by another user.

It would indeed be nice if this is a sign that the Arabic course is coming soon. :-)


Actually, you can see Arabic's hatching in the website. Last time I saw, it was at 20%.

[deactivated user]

    I thought this happened to me because I tried the Arabic to English course yesterday. It seems this wasn't the case :p


    Do you mean English for Arabic? Or did you manage to become an Alpha tester for Arabic for English despite the course has not progress? ;)

    [deactivated user]

      English for Arabic speakers


      :) Arabic to English, not for


      Same happened to me! Definitely just a bug.


      Mine's been fixed!

      [deactivated user]

        My French from Spanish course is titled: Unidades de Francés. It must be a glitch or a bug, not a vast problem


        What the heck? It's no longer Arabic! Yay!

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