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  5. "我的朋友是澳大利亚人。"


Translation:My friend is Australian.

December 11, 2017



My friend is an Australian is not accepted


Reported again for the xxth time "My friend is an Australian". 1st June 2019.


My friend is from Australia


Those people posting about "My friend is an Australian", well there is reason to be wrong. When using "is an australian-) you are using "Australian as an adjective, no? In contrast to " My friend is Australian", where the australian is used as a noun. "My friend is an Australian student/teacher" would be the proper way to use "is an australian" . I hope this post helps out other people, and have a great day.


你也会用汉子“奥” 关于澳门, 这是Macau 的中文名字。


Can be plural.. Our friends are Australians

[deactivated user]

    When you use plural, the Chinese change 朋友to 朋友们. But I think it should be acceptable.


    It is, arguably, incorrect to say in plural because Australian is an adjective. Otherwise we would have said Hugh Jackman is an Australian rather than Hugh Jackman is Australian.

    朋友們 should not be used in the Chinese sentence. Remember there is no plural in Chinese. 們 is only affixed when emphasis on sense of unity is needed.
    e.g. (To a crowd) 朋友們,不要放棄 / Fellows, don't give up.

    [deactivated user]

      I'm just suggesting an alternative if he desperately want to express a plural form.


      Sorry if it made you feel uneasy and trust me that nothing was personal. I am often quite nitpicking on this, but it is only intended for proper language learning.

      [deactivated user]


        我的朋友们是澳大利亚人 is also grammatically correct, but it might more oftenly mean my whole squad is Australian.

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