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  5. "我的朋友昨天在纽约。"


Translation:My friend was in New York yesterday.

December 11, 2017



As I understand it, 了 is used for completed actions. I would say, being somewhere isn't necessarily completing something, so you wouldn't use 了.


You generally don't use 了 with 在


How important is the word order of the sentence? I ask because in English we could day My friend was in New York yesterday or Yesterday my friend was in New York.


Could also be "my friends were" as plural


我的朋友们 would be better


why 们 - in other cases they mix singular and plural together - a man could only guess how many person is the sentence about :(


Why is 了 not used with 在?

I think of it this way: I don't say, "I was atted New York yesterday." In Chinese "to be" verbs remain the same regardless of the time frame. 在 is a verb that includes "to be"in its meaning along with "at." So I literally say with 在, "Today I am at; tomorrow I am at; and yesterday I am at."


Please tell us if you find out!


So I read a fluentu article recently, which basically said, if I am not mistaken, that Chinese has no tenses, so I would say that they just used the the day to validate when the event occurred. Hopefully I am understanding what both you and the article I mentioned are saying. https://www.fluentu.com/blog/chinese/2013/10/30/chinese-sentence-structure/. Thus, I would say that your consideration of zai as a more or less perpetually "present tense" verb would be correct, but I would think of zai as "in" or "at" in this context, but then I do not know why duolingo would be teaching us le and zai to go before or after words...


My 20 month old son basically use the same way to describe the verb "to be"


Just to be clear is 纽约 New York City or the state New York


As in English 纽约 is just New York. It usually refers to the city but it depends on the context. If it's ambiguous you can be more specific by saying 纽约市 (New York City) or 纽约州 (New York State).


I live in upstate NY, and when i travel to different parts of the country when people say "New York" they could be referring to the city or the state depending on where i am and the context of the conversation.

In the state of NY people downstate are usually referring to the city when they say "New York", people upstate are usually referring to the state when they say the same thing.

So even in english it can mean either depending on the context of the conversation when it isnt specified


Can we say "My friend went to New York yesterday"?


Why isn't, "My friend was at New York yesterday," acceptable?


'To be' is seldom (never?) followed by 'at + city'.


why "my friend yesterday was in new york" cannot be accepted? english is not my mther language so I cannot feel the difference!


How to say "a friend of mine" instead of "my friend"?


My friend yesterday was in New York - This was my answer, which means the same in English as the one that Duolongo gave...


My friend was in New York yesterday. My friend yesterday was in New York. The same because I am learning Chinese NOT English


The part about learning a language is that you should understand it and be able to translate it back to how you would say it.

To be fair both are perfectly valid English, I hope you filed a report, it'll be fixed... eventually.


My friend was in New York yesterday. My friend yesterday was in New York...same meaning. It is English so why ..WRONG????????????


Ugh I feel tense all of a sudden.


"My friend was yesterday in New York" im not a native English speaker but I have the feeling this should be accepted


Hwy is there no 了 in this statement ? It is a past event


Sometimes it is so hard to hear what he is saying


Yes, because she is talking.


"My friend was yesterday in New York" not accepted...come on guys...


Funny, but i disagree. As if learning Chinese was not difficult enough that I also need to watch how proper my English is. I signed up for chinese lessons...


you can either write N.Y. (NY) or New York

[deactivated user]

    DL isn't very good at abbreviations even in courses graduated from beta.


    New York and New York City are synonymous. Come on, duo.

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