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Printable Content for Japanese Language Guide

Hi so I must say I appreciate the language guides that have been created to help with learning Japanese, but I wish there was a way to print it without having to print the whole screen around it. You can't copy and paste even because it removes the charts that I like. Perhaps printer versions could be made of the same thing, so I and other could print.

December 11, 2017



You can take a screenshot and crop out the edges or at least you can on a Mac (Shift+Command+4 then drag to the size you want vertically and horizontally), I'm not sure about PC.


Might vary by browser, but can you use a margin option when you try to print?

In google chrome: 1) select Print 2) select More Settings 3) select Custom under the Margins DropBox 4) manually adjust margins.


Thank you for the help! I'll try both methods and print which one looks best!

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