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"Der Fisch ist nicht mehr frisch."

Translation:The fish is not fresh any more.

December 11, 2017



This should be "anymore" as one word. "Any more" used here doesn't make sense.


SarahT, you are correct. When writing "any more" as two words, it refers to quantity. For example, "Do you want any more fish?"

When writing "anymore" as one word, it is an adverb that refers to time. For example, "Why don't you bake fish anymore?"

When doing this exercise, I wrote "The fish isn't fresh anymore." Although this is correct English and Duo accepted it, Duo told me that I was missing a space between the words "any" and "more" by showing "any_more" No, Duo, I should not have a space between the words "any" and "more" in this exercise because it is referring to time. Bad owl!


Sounds like a tongue twister haha


Fischers Fritze fischt frische Fische; frische Fische fischt Fischers Fritz.


What does it mean exactly?


Fred the fisherman's apprentice is fishing for fresh fish; fresh fish is what Fred the fisherman's apprentice is fishing for.

Or possibly: Fred Fisher is fishing for fresh fish; fresh fish is what Fred Fisher is fishing for.

(Depending on whether Fischer is a noun referring to a fisherman or a family name.)

Fritz is a nickname for someone called Friedrich, so I've translated it as "Fred", a common nickname for someone called "Frederic".


I made my "google tranlate" read it. :) She did well.


I said the fish isn't fresh any longer. Can some describe why this isn't acceptable?


I think the proper translation should be "the fish is no longer fresh".


How do you say: '' The fish is not more fresh'' in German? (its less fresh)


fresher = frischer


It's hard to derive a time feeling out of mehr.


Three possible correct answers: The fish is no longer fresh: The fish isn’t fresh any longer: The fish isn’t fresh anymore.


I got the fish is no more fresh as an appropriate translation. I don't even know what that means.


I got a weird answer given of "The fish is no more fresh". Who on earth would say that?


I got the same thing and wondered what the heck??


From Merriam Webster dictionary:

Definition of no more (adverb)

1a : no longer: those stately homes stand no more

b : no longer in existence: dead, departed the glory of his house is no more; the great leader is no more

2 : to no greater extent, in no greater degree: can no more attempt to do intricate law-business than to play the piano — W. M. Thackeray

3 : nevermore: these fields and hills shall see thee no more

4 : neither: he won't hear of it. No more will I — W. C. Williams; no more you'll have to, if you don't want — William Faulkner

(Apologies for all the double line feeds; I don't know how to get DL to make a paragraph structure otherwise)


No longer fresh has not been accepted. It should!

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