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  5. "Earth is a pretty planet."

"Earth is a pretty planet."

Translation:Die Erde ist ein schöner Planet.

December 11, 2017



Is "Die" necessary for this...? because I simply wrote "Erde ist ein schöner Planet" and it was marked as wrong.


Yes; we say die Erde in German to refer to our planet.


Same goes for the other planets: die Venus, der Mars, der Jupiter, der Saturn...

Asteroids like Ceres, moons (except that of Earth), comets, TNOs (like Eris, Sedna) and suchlike don't need an article.

The fact that I might be caught saying other planets' names without an article ("Merkur geht auf") is surely my mistake (I must've read too much astronomical English), and as for stars, it seems to me that you can use an article for the most important ones if you like ("Der Sirius geht auf"), but feel free to correct me...

By the way: Mercury = Merkur, Neptune = Neptun.


When I was a child, I learned Mein Vater erklärt mir jeden Sonntag unsere neun Planeten to remember the order of Merkur Venus Erde Mars Jupiter Saturn Uranus Neptun Pluto.

My daughter learned Mein Vater erklärt mir jeden Sonntag unseren Nachthimmel.


Why does Duolingo never suggest "hübsch" as a translation to "pretty" or "beautiful"? I had to learn that word somewhere else, but is there something wrong with it in some particular cases?


Hubscher is a better translation for Schoner

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