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  5. "Mna mswala mkubwa msikitini"

"Mna mswala mkubwa msikitini"

Translation:There is a big prayer mat in the mosque

December 11, 2017



Doesn't "mna" translate to you (all) have. If you want to say "There is" it should be "Kuna"


There are three classes that cover place:

Class 16/Pa- -- definite locations.
Class 17/ Ku- -- indefinite locations.
Class 18/M- -- inside locations.

Each of these has a form of "there is", pana, kuna and mna.

The reason mna can be both "there is (inside)" and "you (all) have" is because they are formed the exact same way -- with a noun class prefix and kuwa na. It's literally "this place has".

Pana = This precise place has. Prefix is pa-.
Kuna = Somewhere in this place has. Prefix is ku-.
Mna = Inside this place has. Prefix is m-.

The prefix for things that are inside happens to be the same as the second person plural prefix. The easiest way to tell them apart is context.


Mna translates both to ''you have'' and ''there is''. Kuna is used for indefinite locations, while mna refers to a place inside of something, in this case the mosque. You also have pana which is for definite locations.

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