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"Byla překvapená, že o tom nevíte."

Translation:She was surprised that you did not know about it.

December 11, 2017



I don't agree. How would you translate , ze o tom jste nevedela


The present tense "nevíte" might tempt you to translate into the English present tense ("... that you do not know about it.") And nowadays, many English speakers would accept that.

But traditionally English requires the past tense (here "did not know") after a verb of reporting in the past tense (here "was surprised").

That rule does not apply to the Czech, however.


Why, if most modern speakers would accept that, is it not accepted here? Seems the grammar of English is shifting and trying to do it the old-fashioned way is just confusing to people (me) who haven't learned perfect grammar from a book.


She was surprised that you had not known about it

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