"Pochopil, proč pláču."

Translation:He understood why I was crying.

December 11, 2017



No. He understood why I was crying is grammatical. How do you translate it into Czech?

December 11, 2017


grammatical? This sentence is translated in the title of the discussion. I am not sure what you are asking about.

December 11, 2017


And why not "He understood why I am crying"? Shouldn't it be jsem plakal for was crying?

October 21, 2018


jaký je rozdil mezi “chapnout” a “pochopit”? jen vid?

April 24, 2018

[deactivated user]

    Chápat impf -> pochopit perf

    October 17, 2018


    The question i have is when do you use present, imperfect or perfect in reported speech. In this example you appear to be using the present tense placu and translating it into english imperfect.

    Also it seems in the first phrase you are using the perfect tense together with the present tense in the second phrase. Is this always the case?

    December 26, 2018


    The understanding and the crying were concurrent, hence the present tense.

    December 26, 2018
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