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She did not ask for me. Please clarify in the sentence discussion.

Doing a strengthening exercise I had to translate

She did not ask for me.

I interpreted that as meaning that she did not ask on my behalf (for me). and put elle n'ai pas demandé pour moi. I can immediately see that ai is incorrect. (Goodness knows where the 'i' came from).

Looking at the rest of the corrected sentence I see that actually what was translated was 'she did not ask me'. This is queried in the sentence discussion


Please could someone give some clarity here. Would elle n'a pas demandé pour moi be correct, and can the French mean both 'she did not ask for me' and 'she did not ask on my behalf'. The latter native English speakers do use and the former is ambiguous unless in context. eg Q. Why didn't you go into the matron's office? A. She did not ask for me.

December 11, 2017



« Elle a demandé pour moi » in French means "She asked in my stead"

(I am shy, I would like to ask the teacher for help, I do not dare, so my classmate asked in my stead = je suis timide, je voudrais demander de l'aide au professeur, je n'ose pas, alors ma camarade de classe a demandé pour moi "" à ma place"".)


Génial Pierre ! Merci de la reponse !


Thanks. This is also how I understood the English and confirms that my translation would be correct if correct in the remainder of the sentence.


I have continued the discussion with Sitesurf in


This is what she says: If the meaning is "on behalf of you", there will be a direct object in the French sentence: •il/elle le/la demande pour vous/toi. •il/elle va le/la demander pour vous/toi. •il/elle l'a demandé(e) pour vous/toi.

Also note that "on behalf of you" would deserve a more precise preposition than "pour", like: "en ton/votre nom", "à ta/votre place", "de ta/votre part'".

So it seems you may be incorrect. Any further comment?


There is a terrific explanation of this structure by Sitesurf in this thread (in which, I just realised, I took part):

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