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"Why is František not eating the soup?"

Translation:Proč František nejí polévku?

December 11, 2017



I think I tried “Proč nejí František tu polévku” on the first go-round, and I was ding’d. Could this word order be used (or, might it be used without sounding very unusual)?


I'd say it sounds fine and should be accepted.


Would the following word order be acceptable?

"Proč nejí polévku František?"


It can be acceptable in the right context. e.g. "Marie nejí polévku protože nemá ráda houby. Proč nejí polévku František?"


no, it sounds very weird. Can't say why though, sorry.


Podmět může být na konci věty jen ve velmi specifických případech, proto tato věta nezní přirozeně.


Why is this wrong? Proč Frantisek polevku neji?

I thought that "do not eat" was going to be last in the sentence?


That is really strange. You can sometimes place the verb at the end of the question, like: "Proč to nejíš?" "Why are you not eating it?" But that is caused by the second position rule for "to". Otherwise do not put the verb at the end.

[deactivated user]

    Why is this incorrect: "Proč polévku František nejí?"

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