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Skill Tree Frozen :((

My skill tree is frozen, I have completed Adj 1. and translated many articles trying to get it going again, but I cannot unlock any further levels. I have restarted browser, computer, cleared cookies etc, all to no avail.

6 years ago


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We're working on fixing this problem. If you refresh the page, it should be working again.

6 years ago


I love Doulingo but have found it "klugey". Lot's of things don't work seamlessly. Make certain you have the latest fixes of your operating system and browser. If that doesn't help try another browser. I have found some things that don't work in IE work in Crome or Mozilla. It's free and for me much more fun than Rosetta Stone.

6 years ago


I had this problem a couple of hours ago, it has now fixed though so you probably just have to wait for it to catch up!

6 years ago


I'm having the same problem. I can't advance or jump levels. Today is July 1st; it's been ongoing for several days.

6 years ago