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Chinese beta needs a lot of work

I just started the Chinese course, and I've already got a few months of Chinese under my belt. I noticed something that I haven't seen in the other language sections: They ask me to answer questions or select characters that we haven't learned yet. I have no idea how to write certain things and it hasn't shown me and it is asking me to do that. Anyone else noticing that?

It helped that I already knew some of the characters and words. But then it started asking me to pair characters with pinyin before it's even shown me the pinyin. They need to fix that.

December 11, 2017



I agree 100%. Also, I don't know the meaning of many of the words. They show us the pinyin and the Chinese characters but it seems that we're not always taught what the words mean first.

[deactivated user]

    I get you. I was invited to alpha test the Chinese course before its release as a native speaker and I only tested out half of the tree (level 7) because many fluent/native translations weren't accepted by DL. Came across 30-40 of those so far. The Chinese team is doing a good job, because they rectified 20-30 of those mistakes. When Chinese exits beta, it should be mostly error free, but no course will ever be 100% error free.


    Well, I agree that writing something with pinyin is hard if you have never seen the particular pinyin before. However, I assume it to be a good language practice to encounter new words in the pairing session. Thereby, you will learn them by seeing what is left after pairing all the familiar words.

    [deactivated user]

      Totally. But it is still in beta, so it is being worked on. It will be fixed.(hopefully)


      I found a couple of those as well and what you're saying makes sense, but a easy fix is to simply go onto google translate, write it out using 'handwrite' and learn that way.

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