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"Because of narrow streets, they did not get here fast enough."

Translation:Kvůli úzkým ulicím se sem nedostali dost rychle.

December 11, 2017



Why wouldn't "Kvůli úzkým ulicim, nedostali se sem dost rychle." be correct? Wouldn't the word order of "se sem" after nedostali be correct because "nedostali se sem dost rychle." is a separate independent clause?


"nedostali se sem dost rychle." could be a separate independent clause, but "Kvůli úzkým ulicim" is only a prepositional phrase -- it has no verb in it .


You need to place the clitics in their correct (second) position. "Kvůli úzkým ulicím" is the first constituent, then the clitics follow (se sem) and then the rest... Look at these following variants, all of them correct, but with different emphasis:

Kvůli úzkým ulicím se sem nedostali dost rychle.

Nedostali se sem dost rychle kvůli úzkým ulicím.

Nedostali se sem kvůli úzkým ulicím dost rychle.


"Kvůli úzkým ulicím se nedostali sem dost rychle." - is "sem" a clitic in this context?


Probably acts as an inconstant clitic.

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