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Finished German tree in 4 months!

Finally managed to complete it! Now onto the reverse tree, and the mammoth task of gilding the current tree! Thanks for a wonderful experience Duolingo! :D

December 11, 2017



Danke für Ihre Empfehlungen!

Ja, ich kann auf Deutsch schreiben. Ich schrieb auf Englisch, was für Anfänger natürlich leichter ist. Ich habe auch viele andere Methoden benutzt (z.B. Pimsleur, Memrise, Bücher, Podcasts, Apps, Youtube, DW), mit denen ich den Baum schnell fertigstellen konnte.

Jedenfalls bin ich sicher noch ein Anfänger, und mache viele Fehler. Jedoch war es eine gute Erfahrung. Deshalb bedanke ich mich bei Duolingo :)


Wow! Super! DAS könnte ich definitiv nicht so auf Portugiesisch schreiben! :-)


Herzlichen glueckwunsch aber kannst du ueberhaupt auf Deutsch schreiben ? wenn du dein baum nur schnell schnell gemacht hast denn du hast eigentlich nichts gelernt. Wie viel von was du gelernt hast erinnerst du ????

Congrats but can you even write in German ? if you just went through your course fast then you haven't really learned anything, how much from what you've learned do you remember ?


Och, schreiben kann ich selbst auf Portugiesisch nicht richtig ;)
Obwohl ich mir mit dem Vorwärtsbaum ~1 Jahr Zeit gelassen habe und die Vokabeln und Sätze zusätzlich auf Memrise bei Reviews gedrillt habe; und zwar in der L1 Englisch ->L2 Portugiesisch Typing (=RECALLING!!!) Variante!

Also wird Tom das mit dem noch längeren Deutsch Baum in noch kürzerer Zeit mit einer noch anspruchsvolleren Grammatik-Sprache auch kaum mit Chatten auf www.hellolingo.com zusammenbringen ;)

Man lernt halt auf DuoLingo mMn (erstmal) etwas lesen und verstehen + Grammatik; das wars mit dem ggf. EN-DE aber auch schon.

Aktiv frei anwenden (schreiben, chatten, sprechen) ist halt ein ganz anderes Kaliber!

Egal...trotzdem cool überhaupt bisserl was lesen zu können, oder? ;)

Ohne Camilo's User Script "DuoLingo Tree Enhancer" werden ja noch nicht einmal Multiple-Choice Sätze und Übersetzungen - L1 English nach Portugiesisch (L2) - auf der rechte Seite bzw. Lösungen per TTS Audio vorgelesen - wohlgemerkt für den Vorwärtsbaum / Forward Tree!!!


Hi Mike,


I want to strongly suggest to use a good 3rd party flashcard software which trains you also on recalling the L2 German word / phrase / sentence by typing, that is it prompts you for L1 English - L2 German translations.

Duo does the other way around for most cases (higher ratio).

With that - in parallel - you build a more deeper basis with your EN-DE forward tree.

Duolingo alone is IMHO not enough, as the spaced repetition is not really optimal, to review ALL the "learned words" from a 7 x 10 = ~70 words vocabulary skill!!

It simply lacks the very short-term 4h/12/24h etc. repetitions.

I used both for ~1year in parallel for my Portuguese and I think I have benefitted from this.

Seeing a word in a complete sentence and different contexts is a good thing; but it takes that long to review hundreds of words... you can not do this IMHO daily / weekly.

Also Duo uses more the random approach, as it won't prompt you for all the really weak / difficult words you have problems to remember or recall for several days in a row.


If you want to mix both (Memrise single words, offical 1-7 sentence courses and DuoLingo): Give www.lingvist.com a try.

"Fill the word into the blank" is fast (like Memrise) as you have to type only one word, but you will still see the full sentence...and you also will hear it (audio) in your target language: German!


Thanks for explantation but I don't really dont learn German that much anymore, I am already 4 years living in German speaking Switzerland and have reached the minimum level of B1 to be able to work in my prefered profession.

I consider myself fluent as in I speak flowinly and can converse in multiple different topics but of course my vocabulary is no where near native level to converse in harder topics such as science, politics and economics but where I am at so far i don't really need to hardcore learn as i once did before, I feel i am at a stage where i can naturally obsorbe through speaking with natives.

But i will definitely take your tips into consideration for learning French as I do come from Canada and now live in Switzerland French is a langauge that i could benifit from.



Wow, big congrats!! I have been doing german here in duolingo for 12 days now, but I had a previous A1 knowledge so I'm finishing it soon :D How are the last few skills, is there any complicated grammar?


Hello, good for you. How to get new levels unlocked please. I reached pos pron. And passed and can't get new levels unlocked which is weird? And I don't know what to do? What is a streak


How does it work anyways. I have a tree starting with basics. Is there basics 2. Is it level 2 in basics or what . To which level in real life does this tree correspond?


Are you saying that you can't complete any lessons after reaching Pos. Pron. or that you don't seem able to reach a new level? Click on the down arrow next to your 'picture' at the top of the screen. Select 'Your Profile' and you will see below how many additional extra points (XP) you need to acquire be fore advancing to the next level. The number of points required increase considerably as one advances from one level to another after the first half-dozen. A 'Streak' is symbolized by the orange-colored icon adjacent to the down arrow mentioned above. All that it does is track how many consecutive days you have completed a lesson on Duolingo. Rather like a cheering squad encouraging you to stick with it!


Mike.Race how much did you benefit from Duoling? Are you able to speak and read German now with no problem?

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