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Course not teaching words? Help!

Hello, everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is having trouble with the course not teaching you words and then expecting you to translate? For example, I'm in the first Home section after Time 3, lesson 6 of 7 and the first thing that pops up is, "Translate this sentence: It is a desk." I was never taught the Japanese word for desk. Then the next question is, "Translate this sentence: How old are you?" I was never taught how to say that in Japanese. It's like the course thinks I'm reviewing or redoing a lesson when I've actually never taken it before. Is this something that's happening to anyone else? Thanks for your input!

December 11, 2017



The course is in beta, so it’s not totally worked out yet.

But yes, I don’t think it is well organized. Not only words, but also in Hiragana they ask you to solve for characters that haven’t been introduced yet.


Thanks for the comments! Glad to know it's not just me. Unfortunately, I can't even get the course to tell me the meaning of words now. I'm on Introduction 3, lesson 2 of 4, and they keep showing me the kanji and the hiragana for something pronounced がいこくじん. (gaikokujin. And in kanji 外国人) and they never tell me the meaning of what that is. I know how to pronounce it, and I know the kanji for it, but I have no idea what it means. They don't ever use it in a sentence to even give me a clue. I think it has something to do with people or a person since the kanji has this symbol: 人. Which usually means person. Sigh. I'm not sure I'll be able to continue in this course if this keeps up. Having watched many subbed anime shows, I can put together some things so far even if the course doesn't explain them properly, but I can't do that for everything.


Remember that the course is still in beta, so it has lots of bugs and holes. In the main page to each unit, they have grammar and structure concepts, which are very useful. If you find any problems with the question or answer, you can use the report button to let the creators of the course know that there is an issue with the question.


to answer your question Gaikokujin がいこくじん ( 外国人) it means foreigners - someone from another country with this kanji 国 meaning country and this kanji 人 meaning people and this kanji 外 meaning outsider putting them together 外国人 making foreigner


Yes, I've had the same problem and found it really annoying.

The worst part is that they sometimes provide hover hints that are just in kanji that are highly complex and haven't been introduced at all - with no indication as to which of the "tiles" if any match it. Or the pronunciation either! Grrrr.


Yes! It's so aggravating.

A very simple solution would be for them to show every hover-over hint in both Kanji and Kana. I don't understand why they didn't just do this from the start; it would take a little bit more work to type it all in, but that work would be negligible compared to the collective hours of confusion and frustration (and wasted effort when I have to copy-and-paste stuff to look it up on external sites like Jisho).


Agreed, the course fails to introduce vocabulary before it tests knowledge on that vocabulary.

I also think it fails to introduce kanji early enough, and whenever it says "translate" and has a choice of images, the image is large and obvious but the text we are supposed to translate is hard to read. The text should be large, bold and clear. The help images should be available as a hover-over or pop-up to help users having trouble, not as the first impression.


Absolutely! Even with reading glasses it’s a struggle...super thin/light font, and very very small. I know what a cat looks like - I don’t need 95% of the tile to be an image.


I believe that the concept is that you learn what the word sounds like and looks like before you learn it's meaning. I just mouse over the word to find its translation and work from there.

I personally like it better that way, but yes, i do see your point.

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