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How to enhance speaking skills when you are self learning German?

Hello! everyone

To master a language you have to have a good command on speaking and Grammar,arguably. Now for Grammar there are many resources online but when I am self learning German then how can I enhance my speaking skills?

Thanks for consideration.

December 11, 2017



Speaking skills can present quite a challenge to develop for sure, but generally you have to practice. I suggest you listen to as much German as possible (songs, podcasts, audio books, movies, tv-series etc.) and try to imitate pronuncation as best as possible for starters. Singing along to songs, in my opinion, is one of the best ways to train pronuncation. Try doing that until you feel comfortable with the sounds. If you feel comfortable pronouncing German, start talking to yourself in the mirror. It may sound weird, but it is really useful. Try talking to yourself about your day, your plans, the stuff you see around you and simply try to express yourself. It could be something as simple as simply saying good morning and stating which date it is.

These are some tips for practicing German, but the most important one I can give you is to think in German. When you are hungry, do not think that in your native language, but in German. (Ich habe Hunger, gibt es Essen hier?) This way you will develop your capability to express yourself in German as you will not have to translate anymore. The words will simply come to you after a while and the grammar will become so integrated, that you will have no trouble expressing yourself.

Good luck.

PS: try this podcast: it is a bit old, but still excellent. The other German materials on the the site are also worth checking out.


Thank you so much :)


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