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"The carpet's color goes well with the wall."

Translation:La couleur du tapis va bien avec le mur.

March 16, 2013



Why "du tapis" not "de tapis"?


"Du" is the correct form of "de le". "De le" does not exist in french as you know it. "De tapis" alone would mean "of carpet(s)" Try to keep thinking that way : The color of the carpet -> La couleur du tapis. It's one of the few cases where a nearly word-by-word translation work :p


I believe that because "tapis" is masculine, it would be "de le tapis", which combines to form "du".


I said "La couleur du tapis s'accorde bien avec le mur." I don't think it is wrong, is it ?


Native french here. It bugs me a bit as we would surely only say "s'accorde" (and not "s'accorde bien"), and that "aller (bien) avec" is more common. Note that 'bien' is actually facultative in that expression. But yeah appart from that, "s'accorde avec" should be fine


you're answer is correct, but not with the word used in the original sentence. But as a french person, i agree that you deserve the point


La couleur du tapis est assortie au mur ?

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