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  5. "这是谁的电脑?"


Translation:Whose computer is this?

December 11, 2017



Who's = who is, Whose = possessive of who.


Why are there so many of these people? Can they not tell the difference between 'your' and 'you're'?


"Whose electric brain is this?" I love Chinese already. Just wondering what they will say to cyborgs in the future lol

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I was expecting there to be a classifier after 这. Is that only if it's directly modifying a noun phrase?


"Who does this computer belong to ?" Is not accepted. Why not? 25/12/2019


I believe "belong to" is ”属于“ in Chinese, so the sentence would be slightly different.

Ex: "Who does this computer belong to?" would be "这台电脑属于谁?“ -> “This computer belongs to whom?”


Whose computer is it? "should be correct...???


Do particles in Chinese work the same as Japanese? As in, 誰的這是電腦 would mean the same, or, does 誰的 need to be next to 電腦 (actually, I guess my question should be how flexible ar particles cause Who's this computer is doesn't make sense lol)


Also, 脳和脑的不同是?


It doesn't sound right.

[deactivated user]

    Who's computer is this is perfectly acceptable and is more natural than whose.


    No. "Who's" is a contraction meaning "Who is".
    "Whose" is used to show possession.


    Who's is correct. As an English speaker, it's fine.

    Edit - To all the grammar sticklers downvoting. Language changes. People simply do not use "whose" anymore.


    Nope. You might think it is correct if you are just saying it because it sounds like the correct word "whose". However in the written language "who's" is never used as an interrogative determiner. You need "whose" for that.


    'There is cars.' vs 'There are cars.' People tend to make the mistake of using the first sentence, but that does not make the first sentence correct. Similarly, 'whose' shows a possesive and 'who's' is a shortening of 'who is'. Just because people regularly make that mistake does not make it correct.


    Using who's in place of whose is also grammatically incorrect.

    Who's computer is this? => Who is computer is this?

    Two verbs in one sentence is grammatically wrong. It is not just a style or cosmetic issue. It is plain wrong!


    Helen say what? Rasism is wrong? But everyone is a racist nowadays which makes it ok.


    "Who's" means "who is," "whose" is the possessive.

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