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  5. "남자와 여자가 함께 걸어요."

"남자와 여자가 함께 걸어요."

Translation:The man and the woman walk together.

December 11, 2017



I do it correctly and put it gorng WHY DOES IT LIKE THAT


Why isn't "A man and a woman walk together" correct?


The is a specific article, so I imagine Duo wants to impress upon us that we're talking about a particular man and woman here


How I understand it is that the subject marker 이/가 refers to a particular subject in conversation. Hence 'the' and not 'a'.


How are "walking together" and "are walking together" different? This is just basic English...


why can I not use a man walks together with a woman? Is it wrong because of the with or because together is on the wrong place? please help someone


I think that sentence would be written this way in Korean: 남자가 여자와 함께 걸어요.

남자와 여자가 함께 translates to "man and woman together"

남자가 여자와 함께 translates to "man together with woman"

Hope this helps.


이것은 "걷어요"가 왜 아니요? (hopefully that's right :P)

Why is this not "걷어요"? Is it just an irregular verb or does ㄷ always change to ㄹ?


You have it, the verb 걷다 is a ㄷ-irregular. These irregular verbs has their final ㄷ change to ㄹ.


بالعكس استاذ 남자가 الرجل بالبداية تجي بالترجمة اذا انعكست الجملة 여자와 남자가 함께 걸어요 the man and the woman walk together
هذا الصح

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