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  5. "그는 왜 지는지를 알아?"

"그는 지는지를 알아?"

Translation:Does he know why he loses?

December 11, 2017



지는지를 - what is it? 지다 - to lose, 는지를 can't understand :(


It's a grammar point. Following verbs, ~는지 알다/모르다 is used to say you know how to do something, why something happens, or other knowledge-based things. Depending on the verb, this can be shortened to just ㄴ지 알다/모르다.

온돌을 설치하는지 알아요? - Do you know how to install the in-floor heating?

무슨 말인지 모르겠어요. - I don't know what you're saying.


You add it to verbs when using 알다 and 모르다. Like - 실례합니다. 서울역에 어떻게 가는지(를) 알아요? - 미안해요. 저는 서울역에 어떻게 가는지(를) 몰라요. (를) can be neglected


You can also think of replacing in the gerund 지는 것 since there's uncertainty in the phrase "why he loses" indicated by the key question word "why"


No, I really don't know.

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