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Male vs female accent in French

Can anyone tell me why the male voice always puts an 'eh' sound at the end of words that end with e? The female voice doesn't. The male voice almost sounds like he's a Spanish speaker speaking French (to my ear). What is that?

December 11, 2017



It's a north and south thing. Like /grɑæs/ vs /grɑːs/ in English.

Edited because apparently I have lost the ability to use the keyboard. Thanks for the fix, Ripcurl Girl.


I understand you are saying it's regional. But the example escapes me. Gras/ vs /gra:s?


I think that Luscinda is using the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) to illustrate her meaning but I don't recognise /grɑs/. I thought they were /græs/ vs /grɑːs/. http://learnersdictionary.com/definition/grass

Also here: https://dictionary.cambridge.org/dictionary/english/grass

Correct me if I am wrong Luscinda :)


Morning! Sorry, yes, my mistake, that's a bad copy-paste. It should be ash. Well caught.


Merci ☺

Ah "good morning" is a give away - you're in the UK. BTW I love that Serge Gainsbourg song with Brigitte Bardot.


I'm not complaining, oftentimes the male voice is easier to understand than the female voice. Also, if you were to listen to some traditional French songs you will notice that they often accentuate the e at the end of words as well. One thing I do wish Duolingo would allow us to do though, is to be able to switch between the male and female voice, especially during an exercise.


I agree that a switch option would be helpful especially for beginners.


Yes, being able to chose would be wonderful. It is an amazing app, though, even as is. And considering it's free, I feel a bit like an ingrate even complaining about anything! lol

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