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Two Different Duolingo Layouts on PC for Two Different Users

Hi there, There are two Duolingo users in the house and we both login separately on the same PC. However each of us has a slightly different layout. My friend sees the streaks of all her friends on PC whereas I can't see the streaks for any of mine. Has anyone experienced it and if so how can I get the same view since we use the same PC?

Also is there a way to update duolingo versions on PC?

Thanks guys! :)

December 11, 2017



Your friend is part of the A/B test for achievements, which apparently does not show streak or the block button. You cannot control what test side you are part of, sadly.


I was gonna say that, but you'd already explained it perfectly


Thanks for taking the time to explain. Although I've been a user for some time now I have mostly concentrated on the language learning/practice aspect hence am quite the novice when it comes to Duolingo functionalities/tools. When you say 'part of the A/B test for achievements' - what does this mean? Is every user either on the A or B side... and is there only A/B test for achievements or other test groups too? Do they have other major differences? Just a little confused on how this works I guess.


They have dozens of AB tests going on all the time to test various functionality. Personally, I think it degrades the consistency of the learning experience.


Thanks for clarifying! :) Agree

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