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Japanese dates lesson 3 only asks two questions!

The lesson says it's going to teach quite a few different words and phrases about years, but only asks you to translate one sentence to English and then the same sentence from English to Japanese, and the lesson is over!

December 11, 2017



I know! This has been a recurring problem with the web version but this is the first time I've seen it happening in the iOS app. I've filed a bug report.

Interestingly enough, in this case, the web version works - I just finished the lesson there.


Previous discussion topic:
@Contributors: Issue with "Dates, lesson 3"

As you can see in the comments for that other thread, it's not always that it asks only two questions. Sometimes it does work fine. But there must definitely be a problem with it since this same specific lesson has been brought up again. ^^;


Thanks. I tried to find an earlier thread but didn't see it.

[deactivated user]

    Offline mode is more prone to glitches like this because DL didn't download the full set of words/sentences for you to translate.


    Hmm. That's interesting, but I've never used offline mode, and the lesson is still only two questions today.


    Spanish dates lesson used to ask three questions over and over and over and I thought it was a prank ;) I strengthened the lesson recently and it has more questions now, though.


    A lesson in Shopping 2 used to give only one sentence too, but as I checked recently, it seems to be fixed. As I do "strenght" lessons, from time to time new sentences appear ;D

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