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Agreement of articles and adjectives in French

Hello guys!

I have recently come across one question and I would really appreciate it if someone could clarify it for me.

So basically, the sentence "He has (some) friends" is translated into French as follows: "Il a des amis"

If we use negation, des would be replaced and the sentence would look like this: Il n'a pas d'amis.

The same happens, should we use the adjective in the sentence: Il a de bons amis.

My question relates to the use of partitive adjectives. We use partitive articles when talking about things that cannot be counted individually, mostly food and drinks. But what if adjective is used together with the partitive article, how would it look?

How would you translate these sentences:

  1. The company grows (some) good tobacco.
  2. She has incredible patience.
  3. The butcher sells (some) good meat (Le boucher vend DE bonne viande?).

Thank you a lot for your comments and explanations! Liks to some additional readings would be much appreciated!


December 11, 2017



1) L'entreprise produit du bon tabac.
2) Elle a une patience incroyable.
3) Le boucher vend de la bonne viande.


The translated sentences are as followed: 1. L'entreprise cultive (un peu) du bon tabac. 2. Elle a une patience incroyable. 3. Le boucher vend DE bonne viande?


No. 1 does not require (un peu) - as it is a tobacco company it can be assumed it grows more than "a little bit" of tobacco that is good (no-one would buy "bad" tobacco), and
No. 3 is incorrect as viande is not a plural noun. Relox gave the correct translation.

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